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Oh and updated on yesterdays post from me, I found out I could have got a stand to go with the guitar for half price, so I asked them today if I could still get it and they said it was fine as long as I still had my receipt. Dug it out from the bottom of my bag and got a stand for £6!

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I love Argos ^_^

I tried to learnt o play the guitar 3 years ago and my lovely fiance bought me an electro-acoustic guitar for my 20th birthday. Unfortunately, about a week later, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter so my guitar dreams were put on hold. With a growing child around, learning to play was difficult and I soon realised that a full-sized guitar was far too big for me to play!

Fast forward a few years and I'm wandering around town yesterday and what do I see?? A 3/4 sized ELECTRIC GUITAR OUTFIT with all accessories and amp included! Look at the price of that baby!!

I'm back on track now and moving on from the simple first few lines of Nothing Else Matters. Working on the main riff for smells like teen spirit now!
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hello :)

Charity shops are everyone's friend:

 - Lip Service 'Gangsta Prankster' capri bondage pants - £6!!!!! (are £59 new)   My Best Find ever!

 - Boy's Swear shoes (black with rubber horns) - £30 

 - A Karen Millen black pencil skirt with a huge zip diagonally down the front  - £6

-  Men's New Rock boots (nearly new condition) - a tenner!!!!!!

(and I've also spotted spank trousers, and plenty of cyberdog for under a tenner in charity shops around the place :D :D :D)
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Hi. My name is Rachael and I'm a shopping addict. :)
This community is such a great idea...I very rarely pay full price for anything! I'm a total sucker for bargains and I especially love random sale rails!

The best recent bargains I've had (I'll try and get some piccies later on) are:

2 x gold tone long pendant necklaces and two pairs of earrings from the Dorothy Perkins sale all £1 each

An amazing black real leather bomber jacket from the New Look sale for £25 (was £50)

Real leather black knee/thigh high slouch style boots from the Office sale for £19 (were £110!!!!)

Real leather Grey knee/thigh high slouch style boots from the Office sale for £19 (were £110!!!!)

Yay for sales! x

Introductory post

My name is Bunny and I love to shop. ;-)

I’m ‘older’, married, childless (by chance), housebound (which means I am online a lot) and a Geordie-American (according to my father in law.)

I do most of my shopping online and some of my LJ friends refer to me as the naughty shopping fairy since I frequently recommend things they might like to buy for whatever reason. Hmm…what else? I have managed to get out of doing these before now so I don’t have a clue.

This is a good place to get links to shopping sites of all sorts:


and the next bargain I am going for?
The 5 KILO (yep I said KILO!!!) yarn assortment from Yeoman Yarns for £20-£25

I'll keep you posted on how that goes once the weather gets nice and dry since apparently moisture in the air can make yarn weigh more and if I am going to get a bargain I might as well make the most of it.

For a quick first post

So proud of myself this morning, went into town and into the grottiest charity shop ever, I like going in them cause everything is really cheap and sometime I find good fabrics to use for sewing, anywoo this morning I dug up a craig morrison spikey bug bag for a pound, bargain


Hello everyone and welcome to all our new members! I would appreciate if everyone could post a quick intro to the community so i know who I'm dealing with. I've been nosey myself and visited all your profiles and have a couple ideas for co-mods. If you are interested in helping moderate and maintain this community, send me an email at kaceysmom@gmail.com.

Thats all for now, be seeing ya!!

Get Posting!!

C'mon, don't tell me you haven't been shopping yet?? ;-)

Ummm right, we need a layout. If anyone has any idea how to do one or has any ideas, comment here. Need more members before I can think about assigning co-maintainers, so invite your friends, spam this place rotten!!




Yay! Right, I have put a small blurb in the userinfo and would like to thank all who have joined so far. At some point, I shall be assigning one or two co-maintainers, but I shall let you all know when that happens or how to apply.

Basically, if you go shopping [like I know you like to do ;-)], here is the place where you can tell us all about your bargains!

For example, I was in a Cancer Research Charity shop yesterday and picked up a Dickes shoulder bag in almost brand new condition for £2!

Hope to see you all around soon!


PS. Invite your friends!! ;-)