Free Stuff!!!

Free knitting patterns and almost all of them are for chunky/bulky weight yarn so are guaranteed to be a quick knit! It sends you to a checkout to download the patterns, but they're all free. You can then download the patterns via the website or they send you the download links via email, but you have to download them within 72 hours or they WILL EXPIRE. All in pdf format so make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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ASDA have 25% off all their gardening stuff [some things are excluded... can't remmeber what] But they have a 2 burner gas bbq which was £60 last year. It's £40 this year and with 25% off it's just £30!

Check out your local asda for more bargains!

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Maternity jeans, almost new condition, originally from next, size 12. Charity shop says: £3.50! They are sooooo comfy too! And... they're not too long for my short legs either! Wooooo!

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As you may know, I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. Last week, I came across a cot mobile in a charity shop for £1! Put some batteries in it when I got home and it works perfectly. Then i discovered that the bits that hang off it detach and can be used as the baby gets older as teethers and rattles! Bonus!

I'll get the ball rolling again!

My fiance was in a bad money place a few weeks ago so he dug out a load of stuff and took it to a local boot sale with his friend and his girlfriend. Just as they were packing away, the friends girlfriend, Marie, heard the seller on the stall next to them declare that they were selling everything for 10p! She picked up just one item, a box containing LOADS of knitting needles and crochet hooks of varying sizes. She brought them back to my house and we sorted them into pairs and discovered there were 40 pairs of needles, plus 5 sets of dpn's and another 15 crochet hooks! Yes, she got the WHOLE LOT for 10p! She works in an elderly residential care home and a lot of the ladies knit there so after we'd taken our pick of the lot, she took the rest to them and I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed them!

It's been a while... [MOD POST!]

Ok, ok, I'll admit, I've been slacking. But I do have excuses! Kinda!

Well a quick update [from a personal point], my main PC suddenly stopped working. It was hooked up to the TV and just decided to refuse to load past a certain point, but my dear fiance bought me the laptop I've been pining for for goodness knows how long so internet access resumed. Also within my busy schedule came some baby news, we're expecting our second child in December so we said HEY! Let's get married! So we booked our wedding which is in 3 weeks time!

So yeah, as you can see, busy busy busy all round really! BUT, I shall try to be keeping on top of things a little more from now on and will definitely be back with sending new member invites out so we can expand a little more - but don't expect too much until at least the middle of June once the wedding's out of the way!

Hope everyone else is doing ok, invite your friends as usual and hope to see some new entries again soon!

Bye for now!


Readicut online 25% discount

Readicut crafts is offering 25% off all internet orders on Sunday 18th March, Mothering Sunday. Just place your order between midnight Saturday night and midnight Sunday night and enter the media code 'MUMS'. 25% wil automatically be deducted from your order total,post and packing excluded. Orders over £45 will recieve free post and packing as well.

Suit season

It's men's suit season at Primark...Newcastle Primark has a large selection of men's suit jackets ranging from £15-£25 and matching trousers from £6 -£10 including some nice cord jackets that are perfect for this year's suit jacket, light jumper and jeans look. I picked up 4 coordinating shirts, a tie and a very nice light jumper for my husband for £25 today. We will definately be going back on the weekend so he can try on jackets.

M&S has men's chinos for £9.50 in their men's wear sale too.

Apparently this is the time of year to kit out our fellows. ;-)